How to integrate your logistics API from Deliveree?

Deliveree is definitely a wonderful online platform, where you can obtain the customized logistics or delivery service API to control and organize all kinds of your business requirements. It will give you complete access to the different kinds of the Deliveree services.

This freight forwarding API also helps to obtain the best integrasi aplikasi for the different kinds of functionalities into the current e-commerce website or any business application. If you want to display any type of vehicle in front of your website, you can also choose it through this API.

Steps of API integration with Deliveree:

If you have decided a particular SDK language to be used to integrate with Deliveree, you can immediately use the following application integration steps with the help of your technical team members. All technical team is surely familiar with the Sandbox environment which is very important and isolated test environment. It also allows your technical team to execute the files and run any programs without affecting the existing system, platform, or an application on which the program runs. The following are the necessary steps to integrasi aplikasi by your technical team to run the sandbox.

  • In the first step, sandbox testing will be done.
  • Next, you will get access to their API dashboard.
  • In the third step, you have to test order through API.
  • Review API endpoints.
  • At last, you have to go live in production.

At the same time, Sandbox documentation will also be given by the Deliveree team for your try.