Stories from the Big Durian Delivery

The Durian is a controversial fruit; adored by many while some are sickened by its strong odor, and strange look. Jakarta, among South-east Asia’s largest and least known Condominiums, is aptly nicknamed the Huge Durian. Tales from the Big Durian, is a selection of genuine stories and experiences that cross lines of normality, and takes readers at the surreal presence of a mega-city torn between western modernization, and conventional convictions

The book starts with a brief narrative about the distinctions in cultural convictions, were locals incline toward skin care creams to exposing themselves in the hot, tropical Indonesian sunlight. It leads on a set of bizarre, and funny tales were expatriates and sailors mix, causing a chaotic mix of misunderstandings, that wind up as perplexing as they previously begun.

As you Travel through a developing ultra-modern City into the disintegrating flats, and shacks of the poor. Where a society lives on the border of earthquakes, and floods, while countless people somehow work out how to earn a living.

Stories are frequently human stories; the anonymous street food retailer outside a western-style pub, or the occupants of a disintegrating apartment block, with a reputation of being haunted. Individuals who exist yet frequently are the nameless characters which produce the City of Jakarta, so intriguing.

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Each page invites you to an undeniable planet durian shop singapore, you can experience direct by flipping through a variety of stories, which confuse, bring delight or plain old appall.

Welcome to the surreal, and genuine World of the Huge Durian.

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